Cancellation policies

The cancellation policies for the services contracted with MYDOMINICANTOURS are:
A- The excursions offered by our company can be canceled 48 hours before without cancellation charges, and without the presentation or sending of a certification of a health problem or physical disability issued by a doctor.
B- Once the cancellation period has elapsed. To request reimbursement, a medical certification must be presented, stating that the person is not fit to perform the activity.
Mydominicantours reserves the right to reimburse any activity without prior refund process.

Ways to request reimbursement:

1- Calling our phones or through an email. In the time established in chapter 1 paragraph A.
2- It is necessary to receive confirmation of the cancellation of part of Mydominicantours; to consider that an activity is canceled and is reimbursable.
Failure to report to an activity without informing with prior notice or making the refund process is considered non-show and is not (non-refundable).
 Note: It is necessary to inform of: voluntary or involuntary changes of hotels or flights 24 hours before the realization of private transfer or attraction contracted.
In case of voluntary or involuntary changes to flights at the last minute, please notify us immediately. But the service is not guaranteed even if it is paid.
We reserve the right to reimburse pregnant women at the time of a risky activity or an activity that does not accept pregnant women in their program.
These policies apply to excursions or transfers contracted in normal situations.
Personalized excursions or have another cancellation process and are described below:


These apply for cancellation 72 hours before the activity without any type of penalty. And the total refund will be between 24 to 72 working hours.
When booking a tour or private attraction and NOT all contractors can attend. No refund of any portion of the deposit or total amount paid will be made as it is an exclusive and personalized activity with a price established by the parties only for that activity.
A- Sudden changes in climate.
B- Social, political or civil activity that occurs suddenly in the place where the contracted activity is carried out through MYDOMINICANTOURS.
C- Changes of schedules or places that suppliers and collaborators of MYDOMINICANTOUR can carry out


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